FIT 2 fight.

Group Fitness Classes inspired by Boxing,
Muay Thai & Dutch Style Kickboxing

Fit 2 Fight Boxing Boutique is a non stereotype Boxing Facility that offers Boxing, Muay Thai & Dutch Style Kickboxing for EVERYONE!

BOXING CLUB is a 1hr Boxing Class that will get you boxing like a PRO! We use the fundamentals of a true boxers workout! We focus on correct form, boxing techniques... combined with functional fitness & conditioning! TRAIN LIKE A FIGHTER without stepping into the ring.

BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME in every class however we highly recommend you attend: MONDAY @ 5pm OR TUESDAY @ 6.15pm... where 2 instructors will take extra care of you.

OPEN to all ages, genders & experience levels
A 1hr Fight Fusion of Muay Thai & Dutch Style Kickboxing. This high intensity class will take your fitness to the next level while learning proper techniques & form in both styles. Experience this style of Fight Fusion Training like no other!!!

You can expect a Full Body Workout that engages every muscle group in your body with a strong focus on core, form & technique.*OPEN to all ages, genders & experience levels.
F.I.T CLASS is our Functional Interval Training Class! This "boxing specific" 45min body blaster is the functional training & conditioning aspect that a boxer would do in his training to compliment & enhance his boxing! You need to up your conditioning if you want to box good and improve your skills!

BOXERS ARE SUPER doubt about that! 3 minutes in a round doesn't sound like much but when you are in the ring that feels like an E T E R N I T Y!

F.I.T Class will take your fitness level up to the next level in and out of the ring!
Training Camp Inspired - 2 x Trainers | This 2hr Super Sesh will put you to the test...pushing you to your maximum capabilities. Get ready to take your skills to the next level....

What’s involved: Running, Skipping, Bag Work, Partner Drills, Conditioning Training + 1:1 Rounds with the Trainers.
Kickstart your SUPER SATURDAY with this 60min intense boxing-based class that uses uses HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

You will give all your effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.

A total body, heart pumping, calorie burning, sweat sesh!

Give it a shot!!!!
Freestyle Friday is either Boxing or Muay Thai or a combination of both... custom designed depending on the skill level in attendance.

You will be put thru your paces no matter what... MAKE IT COUNT... it’s the weekend!
KOfident kids is a 45 minute class for 8-12yrs.

Kids are in a fun & safe environment learning & building KOfidence in Boxing, Muay Thai & Dutch Style Kickboxing. Your kid will learn to concentrate & focus while increasing their co-ordination, strength, fitness, flexibility and motorskills.

KOfident kids is about building self-esteem, self-defence & self-discipline. It builds character & improves social interaction & respect.
We have a weekly schedule setup, which you can view online.
F2F Fight Team is by invitation only.
During opening hours the gym will be available for personal workouts.



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Fit 2 Fight Location

140 Auburn Street
Coniston, NSW 2500

MON - THU: 6am - 10.30pm & 4.30pm - 7.15pm
FRI: 6am - 10.30pm & 5pm - 6.30pm
SAT: 6.30am - 8.30am 

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